• With many, many thanks, this little note is sent – Hope you know how warmly and truly it is meant ! Thank you for all your kindness.

  • Thank you for your efforts and kindness in looking after Iris so well over the years and would take this opportunity of wishing you all well in the future.

Care Home Overview

Bendigo Nursing Home is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the provision of Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care, Treatment of disease, disorder or injury and for diagnostics and screening procedures to a maximum of 25 people who use the service. The home is a place where personal care and accommodation are provided together. People may live in the home for short or long periods of time. For many people, it is their sole place of residence and so it becomes their home, although they do not legally own or rent it. Both the care that people receive and the premises are regulated. In addition, nursing care is provided by qualified nursing staff, to ensure that the full needs of the person using the service are met.

The service is also registered to provide treatment and support by qualified nursing staff in consultation with a range of healthcare professionals that may include Medical Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Dieticians, Tissue Viability Practitioners. Such treatments may include for example pressure wounds, malnutrition. Prior to such treatments the person using the service will have his/hers needs assessed and risks and benefits of the treatment discussed and consent to the treatment obtained.

The service is also regulated in the provision of diagnostics and screening procedures by qualified nursing staff in consultation with other healthcare professionals, undertake investigation in relation to the health and well being of the person using the service. These investigations may include taking blood and/or urine samples. Such procedures are undertaken with the consent of the person using the service or those acting on their behalf, after the person has received information regarding the risks and benefits of the procedures.

The service ensures effective, safe and appropriate, personalised care, treatment and support through coordinated assessment, planning and delivery. The people who use the service or those acting on their behalf consent to the care, treatment and support provided and are enabled to make informed decisions prior to the care and treatment, and are also able to withdraw their consent at any time.

People who use our service are older people who may or may not have physical disabilities, sensory impairment, dementia and more often our service users will have high dependency needs such as mobility needs, that require 24 hours care to meet most of their daily, spiritual and social life needs.


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